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Okay.  So let’s get down to what you really want to know:  How much?  Hair length and the severity of the infestation are the two determinations.  If you decided to do it yourself, how much would it actually cost you?  Let’s look at the figures:

Do It Yourself:

  •  Potentially taking two to three days off of work to stay home with your child:  about $300
  • Nix Head Lice Kit @ $30 per kit:  $60-$150 (you’ll need 2 kits MINIMUM for the infested person, and additional kits for long hair and/or other members of the family)
  • Purchasing new hair brushes and hair accessories:  $50
  • Cleaning carpets, spraying down furniture:  $50 – $100 (Most people, unknowingly, spend too much money on unnecessary environmental cleaning)
  • Doctor’s appointment/prescription: $50 – $100 (When folks get frustrated enough that it drives them to a prescription filled with harsh chemicals and pesticides)


 Total:  About $700 (for 1 treatment only)

**Keep in mindif you don’t do a meticulous job removing all lice and nits the very first time, you must start back at square one and REPEAT the entire process and spend all that money again! Many people suffer from head lice infestations for several months because they think they get rid of the problem the first time, when in fact they don’t.  In addition to this, there is an 80% chance that if one person in a household has lice, someone else in that household has a lice infestation as well! Get it over with the first time with Nits B Gone!

Ask yourself:  How much is peace of mind worth?  How much is your time worth?  Let’s compare that to what we offer.  What do you get with Nits B Gone?

Head checks:

$35 for a family of 4 ($15 each additional family member; fee is waived if treatment is performed)

Lice/Nit Removal:

  • Short hair: $80/hour (approximately 60 minutes)
  •  Medium hair: $100/hour (approximately 90 minutes)
  • Long hair: $120/hour (approximately 120 minutes)

(mileage fee to be added at appointment)


Our Nits B Gone treatment consists of the following:

  • Head checks/assessment: Included (if treatment is performed)
  • Termination of live head lice: Included
  • Nit removal: Included
  • Lice education/prevention: Included
  • One follow up appointment : Included
  • Peace of mind: PRICELESS!



Ultimately, Nits B Gone will save you time and money because lice and nit removal is GUARANTEED* after our treatment.  You and your family members are considered lice/nit-free if there are no lice/nits found after the first 2 weeks of initial treatment.  Should your family member(s) being treated by Nits B Gone find live lice or nits during our complete treatment, we will come back and treat you again at no extra cost.  (*Guarantee is based on the criteria that all family members in the household are checked and those with head lice infestations are treated with 5 step plan in its entirety by Nits B Gone.  Decision to opt out early before the entire treatment plan is given will void the guarantee.)

Daycare Screenings:  $65 per hour per technician

Parents can pay a lot of money for daycare centers to watch their children.  Let them know your center is being proactive in preventing lice infestations by scheduling a head check screening! Our technicians will arrive with all the appropriate equipment and paperwork to screen quickly and effectively.  In addition to our screenings, we can provide helpful information to all parents regarding identifying, treating, and preventing future infestations.  As how our daycare screenings can turn into money back into your center!

Camp Screenings: $65 per hour per technician

The second most common place for children to get head lice aside from school is camp.  So many parents pick their children up from camp only to find out their child has head lice right before the school year starts! Do your camp facility and parents a huge favor by having your children and staff screened by Nits B Gone!