Nits B Gone Lice Killing Shampoo (8 oz)…….$24.95 (plus tax)

A nontoxic, pesticide-free product proven to kill head lice and loosen nit glue. One bottle treats a family of 4!

Nits B Gone Combing Conditioner (8 oz.)…….$19.95 (plus tax)

Makes hair soft and slick so nits won’t stick!

Terminator Lice Comb…….$14.95 (plus tax)

Professional, stainless steel louse and nit comb.  A must have!

Nits B Gone Kit…….$49.95 (plus tax)

This kit includes 3 separate products that work together to totally eliminate lice and nits safely from hair.


Nit Free Mint Spray (4 oz)…….$7.95 (plus tax)

A natural, minty spray that acts as a deterrent to lice. Use as often as you’d like!